MSI has a growing list of new and repeat satisfied clients who continually turn to MSI for assistance and expertise regarding their real estate inspection needs.

Attorneys: MSI inspectors perform inspection on behalf of attorney's client.

Banks, lenders and bank trust departments: MSI inspections verify business activity or occupancy at a property or the condition of the property.

Commercial lenders: MSI inspections perform draw progress inspections on new construction or major remodeling projects for lenders on commercial and multi-family residential property.

Corporations and Owner occupants: MSI inspectors perform maintenabce, pre-purchase and assist in building codes.

Insurance companies: MSI inspectors verify repairs after claim or for underwriting of coverage.

Investors: MSI Inspectors perform pre-purchase and property condition assessments.

Owner with tenants leasing: MSI inspectors perform maintenance inspections to document deferred maintenance issues. 

Retailers: MSI will inspect the retail store before you build out or occupy, condition of the roof, electrical and HVAC system.

Property management companies: MSI inspectors determine the condition of properties under management or tenant care.

Tenants local and national: ​MSI inspectors document current condition for pre and exit lease.